In the year of 1868 on a cold winter day, a group of God’s children decided they wanted a place to worship. Realizing that they were the church and that a building was not needed to worship, they held the first services under the trees known as the “Bush Arbors”. Seeking a covered and larger area, the church began to meet in the cow barn on the property of Mr. Gus Williams. The three founders of the church were Deacon John Richard (JacK) Davis, Gus Williams and Jim White.

Providence has been blessed by many men of God that have served as Pastor. The first Pastor of the church was Reverend Goffney of Culpeper or Madison County. Reverend Goffney was followed by Reverend John Ford of Culpeper, Reverend John Duvall , and then Reverend Kato Roy. Reverend Roy also served as the Pastor of Silver Hill Baptist Church in Morrisville Virginia. Reverend Roy was later called to pastor a church in Washington, D.C. After the departure of Reverend Roy, Reverend Edgar Newton became the pastor and rendered services on the third Sunday of each month at Providence and services at St. James Baptist Church on the first Sunday of each month. Reverend Newton was followed by Reverend Houston Brooks of Alexandria, Virginia until he left and became the pastor of a church in Rockville, Maryland. Providence was then lead by Reverends Elmer Tyler , Reverend Wendall Grant, Reverend Tom Adams, and Reverend Warren Williams. Reverend Williams went to be with the Lord during his pastorate of Providence. The leadership then continued with Reverend Leonard Frazier, Reverend James Jackson, Reverend Earl McKenzie, and Reverend Floyd Haralson. In May of 2010 Providence called the current pastor Reverend Nathaniel Harpe to shepherd the disciples. Reverend Harpe remains as the current pastor and brings a flare and excitement of learning and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Providence Baptist Church has also been blessed with sons that have received the calling while serving at this church as disciples of the Lord or were adopted from while serving other churches. These sons are Ernest Cottoms, Horace Jackson, Richard Jones and James Overton.

Over the years, the church has grown from the “Bush arbor and Cow Barn to a building with a choir stand, pastor’s study, baptismal pool, fellowship hall, bathrooms, central heating and many other improvements that allow the fellowship to worship in a manner the founders could have never imagined.

Just as years ago, the fellowship’s dedication, hard work, desire to spread the word of God and most importantly the blessing of the Lord have allowed the growth of the building. We have truly been blessed by those forefathers that had the dream of fellowship many years ago. We pray that we never forget those that sacrificed their desires to achieve the ultimate desire of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are thankful for where we are but more importantly we are thankful for where we started. Let us not let pride rob us of our humble beginnings and let us always remember we are only here through the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior.

Providence Baptist Church has often been referred to as the “Little White Church” on the side of the road. We are thankful that we are also known as the church that may be small in size but not in thoughts, ideas, desire, and dedication to becoming more Christ like. We pray all that come through these doors or meet the disciples of Providence will not see us but rather see the Jesus in us.