About Us

Providence Baptist Church has a long and storied history and as good as God has been to us we still look for the later rain.  This church is committed to being a church that is true to the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19, 20,  "Go ye therefore and teach all nations".  Along with our commission minded focus, we strive to be a family and community focused church.

For additional information about Providence Baptist Church, come visit us in person any Sunday.  We'd love to greet you.

Providence Baptist Church

In 1868 on a cold winter day, a group of God’s children decided they wanted a place to worship.  Realizing that they were the church and that a building was not needed to worship, they held the first services under the trees known as the “Bush Arbors”.


Purposely preparing and praying to extend the Kingdom of God not over night but over time.  Preparing with a purpose which is to carry the Gospel to the lost of our time through evangelism.

Stained glass cross

Our mission is to extend the Kingdom of God not over night but over time.  This will be accomplished with the vision to systematically extend the gospel message out beyond the walls of the church in ever widening circles of five, ten, and fifteen miles.

Nate and Iva Harpe

It is with great joy that we welcome you to the website of Providence Baptist Church, Remington,Virginia.  Providence Baptist Church has been blessed by God for more than 100 years and we are blessed that the hand of God led you to our site.